The New and Integrated Queue on RhinoSpike

You may have already noticed that the queue looks a bit different today. Take a look:'s new queue

We’ve integrated the audio request and script request queues into one view, eliminating the need to click between two tabs, and making it clearer when there are script requests ready for transcription. You have probably noticed the large dropdown on the right listing languages. Using this dropdown allows you to view the queues for other languages besides your native language.

Behind the scenes, we’ve tweaked how requests are picked to be displayed in the queue as well. Right now, audio requests with no recordings and script requests that aren’t complete are shown first, with requests belonging to users who contribute more recordings and transcriptions shown first.

It is also no longer possible for one user to completely fill the queue. Only one audio request and one script request per language per user will be shown in the queue. Once one of those requests are fulfilled, their next request will be placed on the queue.

As always, your feedback is always welcome!