Better Profiles, Better Friend Search, Better RhinoSpike!


We updated RhinoSpike again today. We updated profiles, improved Friend Search and cleaned up the recording path. Here are the details:


Due to popular demand, we added a few extra fields to user profiles to make it easier to connect with other users. The new fields are:

  • Gender
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Facebook

We hope that these new fields will make it easier for you to connect with your language buddies outside of RhinoSpike. But it won’t work if you leave them blank. Go update your profile!

Friend Search

Many people asked us to allow searching for friends by accent and gender, so we have added these fields to the Friend Search page. Want your Spanish Audio Requests to be recorded by a woman from Spain? Well, now you can find her with the updated Friend Search. We should also mention that search results are now sorted so that the most active recorders appear at the top of the list. Thanks to whoever suggested that feature!

Now you can search for friends on RhinoSpike by gender and accent!

Search for friends by gender and accent!

Make it easy for people to find you: fill in the gender and accent fields in your profile!


To make the recording process faster, we’ve added some Audio Request widgets to the user home. Now as soon as you login you are presented with an Audio Request to record. We always show you the one at the top of the queue, so you can bypass the rhino button completely if you want to. We show you some of your friends’ Audio Requests too so you can, you know, help out your friends. Please do! Your friends need your help!

Audio Request Widget

The user home now presents you with Audio Requests to record!

Audio Request widgets on the record path are cleaner too. We’ve removed irrelevant information to reduce distractions and make the recording process smoother.


We made a few other changes too. See if you can find them!

Thanks for all of the feedback everybody! We have a nice, beautiful list of wonderful suggestions that we are chomping at the bit to implement! If you have any ideas for making RhinoSpike better, let us know! (and don’t forget to update your Profile!)

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